Are you looking for ways to broaden your customer base? Competition is tough in any industry, regardless of the size of a company. As a small business owner, you have limited resources to reach more customers. However, because of the current technology available and the prevalence of social media, you can compete. Simply targeting as many people as possible with your marketing campaigns is one way to exhaust your resources without getting results. Data allows you to identify who your audience is. It also provides you with insights as to how you should plan your marketing campaigns.

Here are ways you can use data to increase your customer base.

Use Different Communication Platforms

Your target audience has access to several social platforms whether they’re using their phones or laptops. You need to have profiles in various platforms to connect with your audience. Messaging apps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others provide you with ways to communicate with current and potential customers. Identify which platform your target audience uses the most. Doing so allows you to target them specifically and create a message that resonates with them.

Social media platforms and forums allow you to get feedback and reviews from your customers. You can respond to them quickly and gain insights about possible improvements and additional features for upcoming products or services. New customers can browse the threads in these forums and social profiles. They can use the information they gathered to make an informed choice about your brand.

Identify Similar Audiences

To increase the customer base of your small business, look for people who have similar likes, interests and profiles as your current target market. Gather data to learn more about your current customers. You can use a code to track website visitors or use the analytics of your social media profiles. These provide you with details about potential visitors. You can then create groups of data that allows you to identify the similarities between your visitors and your current customers. Some of the information you can collect include: demographics, geolocation, search history and purchasing behavior.

Learn about Signals of Intent

Customers go through the various stages of the sales funnel. Some are ready to buy the moment they open their browser, while others take multiple searches and visits before they make a decision. These habits signal a person’s intent. Improve your conversion rate by finding and funneling a visitor based on their intentions.

The keywords a person inputs provides you with insights about their intent. A person is in the early stages of the sales funnel when they use generic keywords about a topic such as how to, what is and other similar ones. A potential customer is ready to make a purchase when they start using specific brands and prices when they search. Target keywords that may lead to a conversion when you start your marketing campaigns to increase your customer base.

Provide Customized Experiences

It’s easier and simpler to customize the experience of your target audience because of the amount of data you can collect. Determine the types of content that most of your customers consume and publish more of it. Personalize your brand message to connect with your audience. Improve your products and services based on the reviews and feedback you get.

These are some of the practices that allow your small business to expand its customer base. Knowing your audience enables you to find potential customers that share similar likes and purchasing habits. Customize your marketing campaigns to connect with an audience that resonates with your message.

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