Small business owners need someone to do the bookkeeping of their companies. A bookkeeper updates financial information and provides you with reports. You use the data to make decisions and plot the future of your small business. One mistake in the accounting books can lead to higher costs and lower profits.


If you plan on hiring an online bookkeeper, here’s our guide to help you with the selection process.


Strict Attention to Detail

Small businesses make common bookkeeping mistakes that lead to tax penalties and lower profits. A bookkeeper that pays attention to every detail in your accounting books eliminates costly errors. This is an essential trait you need to look for whenever you interview bookkeepers. Ask for references and review their previous work to determine if they are fit for the bookkeeping tasks you give them.


Strong Organizational Skills

Numbers are just numbers if you don’t know how to analyze and interpret them. Disorganized accounting books will make it difficult for you to evaluate your financial situation. The bookkeepers on your shortlist must show they have good organizational skills. This skill is important because they must present the financial data to you in a way that is easy to understand and review.


Able to Multitask

A small business bookkeeper will perform multiple bookkeeping tasks. The person you hire must be able to handle all the responsibilities you give them. Other than efficient multitasking, your shortlisted bookkeeper must know which tasks to prioritize. You’ll need some financial data immediately to make a smart business decision.


Efficient and Hardworking

One of the most important traits to look for in a bookkeeper you want to hire is hardworking. You cannot teach work ethic, it is something that an employee should develop or already have when you hire them. This trait shows their willingness to go the extra mile and help your small business grow.


Effective Communication

Your bookkeeper needs communication skills to get their point across. They must be capable of gathering data and presenting it in an easy to understand way. They should also communicate with you regularly by email, phone call or meetings.


If you’re looking for a bookkeeper, these are some of the traits they must have. Be open to hiring an outsourced freelancer bookkeeper. They provide you with quality output and reliable service. Review our affordable virtual bookkeeping services. We at Robookkeeper can get you in touch with experienced freelancers to do your bookkeeping.