Starting your own small business comes with plenty of advantages and disadvantages. You need to allocate your resources effectively, generate profit, and keep customers happy. You must plan for all possible scenarios to sustain operations and remain profitable. Going online is a cost-effective option because you only need to invest in needed property, equipment and inventory. However, this approach comes with its own problems.

Learn how to identify the challenges for eCommerce small businesses so that you can plan accordingly.

Convert Visitors to Customers

Small businesses can profit from eCommerce in various ways, but doing business online comes with its own challenges. One of the problems you will encounter is converting visitors into paying customers. Your site might already be attracting a substantial number of visitors, but it might not be reaching the conversion rate you want. Some of the reasons this might be happening are because of a cluttered design, poor user interface, lack of call-to-action buttons, blurry or non-existent photos or videos, or a lack of product descriptions. Find ways to improve your website to simplify browsing and the checkout process.

Experience of Customers

Some customers would want a similar experience when they shop online like they’re shopping in person. This is difficult to achieve using your website or social media accounts, but not impossible. Simplify the look of your website and make your calls-to-action clear. Segment your site into pages with similar categories. Customize the experience of a visitor by recommending similar products whenever they shop at your online store. A seamless experience increases the possibility of conversion and may make a one-time customer into a recurrent one.

Attracting Customers

One of the challenges for eCommerce businesses is attracting customers. People have plenty of choices when they shop or look for services online. You must set your brand apart from the rest. Identify the value you provide your target audience. Convey this through a message that resonates with them. Reach out to them through touchpoints they often use whether it’s Facebook or YouTube. Use keywords on the content you publish based on the combination of search terms your audience might use.

Data Security

Security breaches and possible loss of data are problems eCommerce businesses may encounter. These erode your brand image and may turn customers off. They want the businesses they deal with to protect their data. Always update your security systems and encryption to prevent hackers from accessing your websites and stealing customers’ data.

Refund and Return Guidelines

Your customers might want to return or refund defective items or products they never received. Unclear or non-existent refund and return policies may turn off your intended customers. Create a section that discusses your policies in detail and the parameters you will allow a customer to get a refund or return a product. Make this clear so that Your customers will know if they qualify and to protect your own business from incurring losses.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is important to the success of your small online business. It’s more difficult to get a new customer compared to retaining one. Always provide first-rate customer service and simplify the ways to contact your support team. Reply to emails, comments and messages on various platforms. Reach out to current customers for feedback and conduct surveys on how to improve your company’s services and products.

These are some of the challenges for eCommerce that your small business might encounter. Identifying these allows you to overcome them and expand your company. We at Robookkeeper can be your outsourced bookkeeping partner. We provide good value bookkeeping services for small business owners like you. We can update your accounting books so that you can make informed financial decisions.