Your website may get a lot of traffic; however, it doesn’t give you a clear picture, if your strategies are successfully funneling them through the buyer’s journey. One success factor that needs to be at a certain level is your site’s conversion rate. If it’s too low, your efforts might be insufficient to turn a casual visitor into a paying customer. In such cases, you need to improve your approach to get the results you desire.

Increase conversion rate with these tried and tested practices.

Keep the Page Simple

Too many images, visuals, text blocks, and videos distract and might confuse a visitor browsing your website. This muddles your value proposition and the benefits you might offer a user. Improve your site’s conversion rate by maximizing white space and keeping each page simple. Simplicity doesn’t mean that you sacrifice content, it means focusing on the advantages of choosing your brand, discussing topics you’re an expert in, and making browsing smoother. Concentrate the content you make around your area of expertise and the solutions you provide potential customers. Diversify your content by making articles, images, and videos. Avoid cluttering a page with too many items. A simple and easy-to-browse page also makes it easier for you to include a call-to-action.

Include Reviews and Testimonials

A potential customer wants to buy a product or use a service that already has a proven track record. Your chances of converting a visitor are low if you can’t back up your claims. Include reviews and testimonials on your product and services pages. Highlight the positives but still include low ratings in your overall scores. Reviews entice a visitor to consider choosing you over your competitors while weighing their options.

Another similar practice to increase the conversion rate is to provide social proof. This comes in the form of logos of companies you have partnerships with. This can be data security whenever a visitor concludes an online transaction on your website.

Use a Pop-up

A pop-up is a useful tool that allows you to boost your conversion rate whenever a visitor arrives at your website. However, if this provides no value to a user, it will only become a nuisance and a deterrent to their browsing experience. A pop-up should include offers that have value such as PDFs, free trials, free products, exclusive content, and others. This entices a visitor to click on them. The pop-up should also be easy to close and cookie-enabled so that if a user is uninterested, they can just ignore it.

Simplify Forms

Forms allow you to know more about your customers. However, your conversion rate will drop if a form contains too many fields. Strike a balance between getting enough information from your visitors and keeping the form simple. Simplify your forms and leave only the essential information you need to achieve your objectives. Make the questions clear and concise to avoid confusion. Assure a visitor that their data is safe with you after they fill up a form.

Allow Third-party for Sign-ups

It’s tedious for visitors to register and make new profiles every time they want to buy something online. In some cases, a visitor will just leave a website instead of creating an account with them. Reduce some of your visitors’ stress by allowing third-party sign-ups using Google, Facebook, and others. This eliminates a barrier to trying your products or services if you require customers to create an account.

Bolster Your Call-to-Action

Something as simple as a good call-to-action can increase the conversion rate. Use action words in your CTA to convince a visitor. Combine action words with ‘yes’, ‘of course’, and other similar phrases to grab the attention of a user. Make the CTA button visible and obvious to visitors. This signals to them that clicking on the button will lead them to the next step.

Integrate a Live Chat

A potential customer may have doubts or questions before purchasing. Getting a reply through email takes time. A live chat enables your team to immediately answer queries in real-time. You can convince a visitor faster with immediate responses. A live chat is also easy to integrate with your website. It’s a useful tool that boosts your conversion rate. Consider using a robot to reply to simple queries and give a user the option to speak with a live agent for complex concerns.

Try to Upsell

Upselling doesn’t have a direct impact on your conversion rate; however, it does boost your revenue per converted customer. The more products you sell, the higher your profits will be. Before completing the checkout process, offer a product bundle or related items to a customer. Show them the value of buying more instead of less through discounts and exclusive deals. This entices them to click add to cart and complete their purchase.

Elicit a Sense of Urgency

Countdown timers create a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out. These two emotions make a visitor want to buy the exclusive items and maximize the deals. Mention that the item they want to buy has a few stocks left, they can only get a discount when they shop within the next few hours, the product is exclusive and it will no longer be available soon, and other similar timebound notices.

Guarantees and Promotional Offers

Who doesn’t want a discount, money back guarantee, and access to exclusive products? Get more visitors to turn into customers by offering the mentioned practices. A refund option provides a customer with flexibility, and it also allows you to build trust with them. Deals on products entice a visitor to purchase more while they browse your online store.

Improve Your Page Headline

Sometimes all that a visitor reads are snippets and headlines. If your site has a poorly written one, they might just leave immediately without reading the rest of your content and product offer. Work on your headline to excite visitors and pique their curiosity. Find a tone and language that connects you with your intended audience. Test different headlines to determine which one works best.

Increase conversion rate with the help of these techniques. A high conversion rate has a positive effect on all aspects of your website because you not only get more traffic, but also boost revenue. If ever you need help with bookkeeping, we at Robookkeeper can be your business partners. We offer outsourced bookkeeping services that meet your needs.