Freelancers have the experience and expertise that can match or even surpass your in-house employees. Outsourcing work to a freelancer is an ideal hire because of the flexibility they provide. Some of the advantages include lower costs, shorter contracts, and quality output. However, not all freelancers are the same, some are more talented than the others.

Here are tips for working with freelancers and attracting the talented ones.

Set Them Up and Contribute to Their Success

Outsourcing is a proven strategy for big and small businesses. If you want to hire the best freelancers, you’re up against several companies who want the same people. A freelancer will choose a company they think provides them with a path to success.

Brief and on-board the freelancers you want to hire. Give them as much information about the project as possible. Provide them the tools they need to successfully complete their tasks. This reduces errors and creates a strong business relationship with your outsourced team.

Good Management

The way you manage your team of freelancers will have an impact on them and future contracts. You need to learn how to challenge your team and bring out the best in them. Create a work environment that caters to their strengths and reduces their weaknesses. Communicate often to discuss problems, project and career goals, and ask for their ideas about improving your company.

Understand Their Needs and Wants

The needs of talented and experienced freelancers go beyond monetary compensation. They want a sense of fulfillment in the projects they take. They also want a challenge to stretch their abilities and learn new things. Make them feel like they are part of your in-house team. Allow them to join meetings, conferences and events of your company during their tenure with you. Make the pay commensurate with the type and scope of work you give them.

Relationship Building

Positive collaboration and relationship building are important to freelancers. They want a list of clients that allow them to achieve their goals and compensate them well. Provide a win-win relationship with your freelance partners to earn their loyalty and trust. Communicate well and make your project objective clear and attainable.

These are some tips for working with freelancers to keep them satisfied with your business partnership. Outsourced work has plenty of advantages that make it a worthwhile strategy. If you’re in need of virtual bookkeeping services, we can connect you with freelancers. We at Robookkeeper can provide you with quality and reliable bookkeeping.