Small business owners have to maximise their resources to become profitable and successful. They need to reach a certain number of regular customers. Regardless of the niche you are in, you will face tough competition. It is important to know how to get your business noticed among your competitors.

Here are some of the ways to grab the attention of customers for effective small business growth.

Be Omnipresent Online

Create and/or claim online business listings, make social media accounts, optimise your website and publish articles frequently. You need to have a strong online presence for your target customers to notice you. These provide your audience with contact and location details such as address and phone number. Your websites and social media accounts contain your business profile and a list of the products or services you offer.

Use a Persona

It helps to put a face to your brand; create a relatable persona as part of your small business strategy plan. This approach makes your company approachable to your target market. Study your audience to determine their likes and dislikes, demographics, age group and other details you need about them. Visit forums and read the comments on your social media accounts to get insights.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for comments and suggestions from your current and previous customers. A potential customer wants to read reviews about a product or service first before making a decision. Quality service and good business processes are what customers want. Provide these and you will get good ratings and feedback. Publish ratings and feedback on your social media accounts and websites.

Provide Samples

Free samples and trials can attract customers in a local neighbourhood or market. Provide free products along with a brochure of your company. This strategy may turn a casual customer into a loyal consumer.

Participate in Local Events

Join events in your local neighbourhood and market. These are a great way to meet the people in your community and network. This gives you the opportunity to tell your brand story and reach out to potential customers.

Use Newsletters

Publish your own newsletter or have your brand published in a local one. This provides extra exposure and reach to your target audience. They can read about your company while eating or waiting in a restaurant, café or market. This makes your company visible and credible in your chosen niche.

This are some of the practices that get your target customers to notice your brand and for small business growth. Implement these to get the results you want such as higher profits and more customers. If you need help with bookkeeping, do not hesitate to contact us and review our services.