The collection and use of data has been a game changer for businesses of all sizes. Companies leverage data to gain a competitive advantage in their niche. They use it to identify their target markets, learn more about them, customize their sales and marketing strategies, use more cost-effective strategies, and boost their profits. Data also improved the way business leaders decide about the direction of their company. However, simply gathering data is insufficient to get you the results you desire. You need to put it in the right context and gain useful and actionable insights.

Here’s how to use big data to your advantage.

Improve Decision Making Process

Relying on gut feel when it comes to business decisions might get you lucky a few times. However, it’s an unsustainable approach that relies too much on chance. More and more companies are using big data to decide on where to allocate their resources, create and launch a sales and marketing campaign, identify their target audience, and determine the direction of their business. Using big data improves your success rate and decision making. Data provides you with insights and trends about the behavior of your competitors and target market. This allows you to determine the best and most cost-effective approach to achieve your objectives. Your team will make fewer mistakes because the data they gathered and analyzed enabled them to follow the ideal course of action.

Establish Competitive Prices for Products and Services

Establishing the price of your products or services is an important decision. If your price is too low, you won’t profit from it and your business might incur huge, unsustainable losses. If your price is too high, you might lose customers to your competitors. Using big data enables you to gather and analyze the prices of your own products and compare them with similar items that your competitors offer. You’ll be able to identify at which price point is still profitable without sacrificing quality and incurring more production and marketing costs. The big data analysis you make can also enable you to identify a profitable price for bundling products to entice customers to buy more.

Customize Customer Experience

How to use big data effectively includes customizing customer experience. Knowing your customers wants, needs, and purchasing behavior allows you to create a competitive advantage. This knowledge enables your team to develop the products or services that your audience needs or wants. Your sales and marketing team can personalize a message and campaign that piques the interest of your target market. A customized experience allows you to move a customer further down the sales funnel until they finally convert. Delight your customers with a personalized communication strategy across different platforms they often use. Content remains a valuable asset for online marketing. The data you collect enables you to determine the type of content your audience consumes, engages with, and shares. You’ll also know the ideal time and day to publish content that maximizes its reach.

Maintain Business Flexibility

Using big data enables you to determine your company’s financial health and find ways to either improve or maintain it. Data about your business’ spending, allocation of resources, and profitable products or services provides you with insights. You’ll learn more about the direction your business is currently going in and how effectively or ineffectively you’re using resources. This allows you to change course if the data you gathered and analyzed says it’s prudent to do so. One of the advantages of small businesses using big data is they can quickly adapt a new approach. There are fewer decision makers and less bureaucracy when it comes to creating and implementing a new strategy. Big data allows you to maintain flexibility as your business grows.

Identify Creative Solutions

As your company and audience grow, you’ll need to learn how to use big data effectively because numbers allow you to determine creative solutions. Data analysis allows you to derive insights from trends. You’ll identify the products that generate the most profits, which seasons are the most profitable, and which problems arise more often. Identifying the challenges your company encounters or might encounter requires creative solutions. Test different solutions to determine which one works best for the problems your company experiences. Compare the results you get and implement the most effective approach. A data-based approach reduces your margin of error and boosts success rate. Even small and medium-sized businesses benefit from a data-driven strategy.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Your company might be using outdated methods. This has a negative impact on your team’s productivity and efficiency. This also prevents your business from reaching its full potential and you might lose your competitive edge in your niche. Collecting, analyzing, and using big data allows you to identify ineffective work methods. Data reveals the effectiveness of your task delineation and work your employees do. If your team is underperforming, you need to identify its causes and find solutions to maximize their talents. Using big data enables you to identify tasks that certain employees do best. This makes it easier for you to delineate work and keep your staff engaged and satisfied.

Make Insightful Reports

Big data allows your team to present insightful reports to clients and business partners. Big data indicates trends in your niche. You can use this to make a pitch to a potential business partner. Your data can convince them to seal their partnership with you once you show them the possibilities in terms of profit and reach. Data backs up your claims when you reach out to potential customers who are unconvinced about the benefits they gain from your products or services. Combine big data with a visual representation and story of the point you want to make. This approach piques the interest of your audience and engages them in a way that numbers can’t.

Learning how to use big data provides you with a competitive advantage, insights, and possible solutions that improve your company and keep it on a growth trajectory. If you need assistance with updating your accounting books, we at Robookkeeper can help you. Our team of experienced and certified virtual accountants can address your finance and accounting needs. We offer first-rate outsourced bookkeeping services.